Our Vision: A Dream Home On Every Block.




Our mission is to bring your dream to life through a collaborative inclusionary design process based around constant open communication and an intimate understanding of your needs and requirements. We strive to build a strong relationship with each client that fosters mutual trust and respect. This allows us to create unique custom designed structures and homes that are aesthetically pleasing yet functional personalized living spaces.


DDC was founded by Josue Chavez and Gabriel Bustamante after being laid off by their employer due to the Great Recession of 2009. Out of work and trying to find a way to survive, Gabriel and Josue started to take on projects on their own while looking for a new employer. During this period it allowed them to build their skills and learn as much as they could about the needs and wants of their clients. As time went by the projects kept on growing and the prospect of finding a new employer anytime soon seemed less of a reality; it was only logical to start their own company. In 2010, Dream Design Construct was incorporated and open for business.

In the last five years, DDC has completed over 200 successful projects ranging from simple home additions to large and complex commercial projects. During this time the firm has also maintained and built strong relationships between its clients and other industry professionals, earning a strong reputation for itself.

Today the firm has been growing its business and its team, maintaining its level of professionalism, attention to detail, and personable relationships with its clients.