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Mid City Spanish Style Home Design


Los Angeles is known for its various neighborhoods, with each neighborhood being distinguished by its home styles. It is important that we design homes that not only satisfy our clients, but also upholds the magical essence of the neighborhood that makes it unique; this project is no different. Currently DDC is working in the […]

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Coolest Rooms: Home Studio

Coolest Rooms Series
At DDC, we believe that great architecture and design is engineering with beauty and functionality. At the office on our downtime we sometimes find ourselves lurking the net for things to inspire our work and we have found so many cool inspirations. We thought that we might post them up here so […]

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Why Planning for an Addition is Important?

Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail,” this is also true when it comes to home additions. You probably are a home owner considering to add to your existing home. Ever wondered why planning for an addition is an important and necessary step?


Drawing up home addition plans […]

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