Coolest Rooms Series

At DDC, we believe that great architecture and design is engineering with beauty and functionality. At the office on our downtime we sometimes find ourselves lurking the net for things to inspire our work and we have found so many cool inspirations. We thought that we might post them up here so that they can also inspire you. This first post will kick off our Coolest Rooms series, a collection of amazing cool rooms that just makes you want drool and live inside them.

 Why is the Home Studio a Cool Room?

If you are a recording artist, or anyone in the music industry, I am sure the best thing in your line of work is rolling out of bed, making your coffee and going to work in your home office. This room is your home office, you man or girl cave, your place to let the muses posses you to inspire and create amazing musical tracks of symphonic ear tickling pleasure. Having a room like this one in your house would mean you don’t have to drive downtown to the mix studio and deal with all of the unnecessary hassles of getting from point A to point B to do what you love.

 The Architectural & Designers Perspective

I call myself an audiophile, but that’s just for listening to music so I am in no way qualified to talk about the equipment used in this room. Besides the awesome audio gear and giant mix table, this room is eye candy for those designers and  spacial engineers we call architects. The use of wood is not only a great choice aesthetically, but also serves the function of properly absorbing and  reflecting sound, which I am sure is important to the owner of this room. The space is mathematically correct, as in the dimensions are calculated to allow for the sound to travel and flow where it needs to go. The walls are covered in sound dampening material to further provide better sound accuracy and allow the lucky user of the room to properly create his sound stage on the track. You can even see that the ceiling is sound proofed! The room is nicely lit with floor standing lamps and light rails on the ceiling. DDC has designed sound and recording studios in the past, and this room will inspire our next design.


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