Los Angeles is known for its various neighborhoods, with each neighborhood being distinguished by its home styles. It is important that we design homes that not only satisfy our clients, but also upholds the magical essence of the neighborhood that makes it unique; this project is no different. Currently DDC is working in the highly diverse neighborhood of Mid City in Los Angeles. This neighborhood is primarily composed of Spanish and Mediterranean style home designs built in the early 1930’s. This Spanish style home in the Mid City community will go under renovation soon, and DDC is at the initial stages of making this dream home a reality. It all starts with meticulous and detailed planning and design so that the project progresses as smoothly as possible and avoid cost and time overruns.


This home design includes a vivid red Spanish tile roof and large front windows outlined by dark wood to contrast against the light yellow adobe type stucco exterior walls. What is very interesting about this home design is the dominating arches around the door entrances and windows that brings a sense of “old California” nostalgia. This one story home includes Spanish style elements such as an asymmetrical façade, little to no overhanging eaves, and a low pitched roof. Other design elements that really bring this home to life are the dark wooden doors and gates that feature decorative wrought iron details and the inviting lanterns that light up the exterior of the home. Our designers have created this front elevation design of the home and have even colorized it with the matching paints and materials to give the client an even further understanding of what their home would look like. The design has already been approved by the city and the client, and is currently in the construction phase. If you are curious how this home will look after it is completed, check back on this post as we will be updating it with a link to this project on our portfolio or simply just let us know by contacting us.