Project Description


Whether it be a residential design or a commercial design, Dream Design Construct is always ready for a challenge. This time Dream Design Construct was tasked to help a local Pizzeria in Santa Monica to come up with their new Pizzeria Design.

Opening a new food establishment is no easy feat and is much more complicated than a residential project due to more stringent requirements from governmental regulations. Each restaurant design and permit processing must be taken on a case-by-case basis as there are many factors and requirements in play at the same time.

Our Pizzeria Design had to take in mind how to effectively utilize dining and kitchen space to maximize the given square footage but at the same time comply with Commercial Accessibility as required by the American with Disabilities Act as mandated by Building and Safety. The amount of dining and kitchen space must also take into account Occupancy Loads to meet Fire Department regulations, so that in in case of an emergency people can safely exit the building.

A large portion of the project is dedicated to complying with Health Regulations as it is a food establishment, and everything must be done to avoid potential food hazards. The Pizzeria Design must keep in mind the placement and use of all kitchen fixtures, finishes, equipment, plumbing and drainage. The kitchen was configured to meet such requirements to provide a safe environment for both customers and workers.

Dream Design Construct helped a local Pizzeria open its doors for business by creating a Pizzeria Design that is functional, aesthetically pleasing and satisfying all of the governmental requirements.