Franklin Hills Spanish Revival Restoration




This Spanish Home in the Franklin Hills was in need of a major renovation. Built in 1928, this Spanish Revival style home originally had a floor plan with two separate bedrooms, a separate kitchen and a separate dining area. The original configuration of the floor plan had potential, but wasted much of the usable […]

Mid City Spanish Home Renovation Design



After a few months of planning, permitting, designing this home went through an extensive renovation and is ready for sale. This previous post shows a glimpse of what the home is not today by showing a front elevation drawing.

Dream Design Construct works with homeowners, realtors, and contractors to revive a home’s charm. This traditional […]

Spanish Contemporary Remodel Hollywood


Built in 1921, this Spanish Style home needed an update to tastefully bring some of its elements to the 21st century but without losing its old world Spanish charm. DDC collaborated with design firm, La Kaza, to redesign this home into Spanish Contemporary.

Los Feliz Addition and Remodel

A beautiful home in Los Feliz was upgraded with a master bedroom with a larger closet. This home also had its kitchen and storage areas remodeled.