What is Design?

Design is “to plan and make decisions about (something that is being built or created) : to create the plans, drawings, etc., that show how (something) will be made”The art of Design has been around since 10,000 BC and since then allowed cultures and civilizations to design buildings and monuments that have left their mark in history and influenced future building design. Design is not only considered an engineering craft, but also an art form like painting, also going through periods such as postmodernism and expressionism. When it comes to designing your house, its design is a reflection of the person that inhabits it, a reflection of you.

Rendering of a home designed by DDC.

Basic Design Process

A homeowner might not be familiar with the process of design and the necessary steps it would take to complete their vision, but there are five basic processes of the home design service.

Schematic Design Phase Services

The designers consults the home owner to determine the projects requirements and goals. This allows the designer to define an approximate timeframe and budget. During this phase the designer studies the prospective area visually and researches zoning requirements. The designer usually delivers a preliminary site plan, floor plan(s), sections and elevations if necessary.

Design Development Phase Services

The designers further develops the documents that have been approved in the Schematic Design Phase and takes them one step further by laying out plumbing fixtures, structural, and design details. The Design Development Phase (DD) often is the phase that lays in further detail the placement and size of windows and doors. The designers usually delivers floor plans, sections, and elevations if necessary with full dimensions and details of door and window placements.

Construction Document Phase Services

Once the owner and the designers are satisfied with the documents produced in the Design Development phase, the documents are then developed in even further detail to specify materials and construction specifications. Dream Design Construct also helps in the facilitation of helping the client file and obtain building permits of approval with corresponding governments in order to satisfy local laws and regulations in which the project presides in.   During the Construction Document Phase (CD), the designer produces and delivers a set of drawing documents with all the information necessary for contractors to create an estimate of costs for construction.

Bid or Negotiation Phase Services

The approved drawings produced by the designer in the Construction Document phase, is then sent out to contractors to bid and negotiation with the client. Based on the Construction Documents, the contractors will usually inform the client what the approximate expected time frame and costs are in order to complete the clients proposed project. The client then awards a contract to the contractor of their choice and construction can begin.

Construction Phase Services

After the clients has awarded a contractor a contract, the construction phase begins and at an additional cost the designers at Dream Design Construct will be available to answer questions, make minor revisions, and ensure that the construction is in accordance to the Construction Documents. The designer usually attends project coordination meetings with the contractor and the client so that everyone is on the same page.