What Is Permit Processing?

Permit Processing is the process of facilitating and obtaining building permits in accordance to city regulations, laws, and zoning rules in order to uphold building safety standards through the use of building codes and verification through other municipal and city divisions. The process has a variable cost depending on the complexity of the project. The amount of time it takes to complete the process of obtaining a building permit varies on the number of regulations and agencies of the municipality the project resides in, the complexity of the project, and the quality of the plans when presented to the city.

Building Permit Process Flowchart

Why Do You Need Building Permits?

Ever been in a room before and seen that little plaque on the wall that reads “Maximum Occupancy 45”? Well that placard on the wall has been issued by the city’s fire department to insure that the building is safe in case of fire. That is just one example of building and safety regulations. Permits are used to ensure that the building or structure is safe not only during construction, but also while it is used, occupied and inhabited. Permits ensure a level of acceptable quality of construction and building use in accordance to the various municipality and city building code standards, laws and regulations. Think of your city’s building and safety division as the FDA for buildings and structures; they keep you and everyone using the building safe.


When Do You Need Permits?

Usually you need to obtain a permit when your project involves changing the use of a building or part of a building, such as is the case when you want to change a warehouse into a restaurant or turn your garage into a new room. Building permits are also required when the structure takes up more land than it was originally designed for, such as is the case with additions in which the homeowner wants to add an additional 100 square feet of floor area to his existing home and needs to take up more land in order to do so.


You need a permit for:

  • Structural Additions
  • Installing a new roof
  • Blocking off or adding a door or window
  • Adding or relocating electrical outlets
  • Adding or relocating plumbing fixtures
  • Converting a garage or storage area into an occupied space
  • Installing or replacing an air conditioning system
  • Subdivisions
  • Guest houses and secondary structures
  • Mixed use buildings
  • Excavation
  • Changing the use of the building
  • Commercial Tenant Improvements

What Are The Benefits of Obtaining Permits?

Getting a building permit ensures that your building is safe for you and everyone around it. Because your building is certified “safe” by the city, it can actually reduce your property insurance rates due to reduced risk of damaged or injury, essentially saying there is less liability. A safer building also means that it is easier to sell because it is on record and because it meets building codes ensuring a quality job was done during the planning and construction of the building, and it can actually increase the value of your home or structure.


What Happens If You Don’t Get A Permit?

Failing to obtain a permit for your home or structure can result in significant fines and penalties and sometimes the city can order a demolition on the structure. Because the home or structure does not meet building codes, it could be deemed as unsafe, increasing risk which could lead to it being un-inhabitable and increased liability expenses.


Why Let Us Expedite Permits For You?

As a homeowner, “you can obtain a permit and do the construction, alteration, or repair on his/her house and accessory buildings or facilities thereto if the owner resides or will reside in the dwelling”; so of course you can do the processing yourself. Getting permits is a time consuming and tedious process in which the applicant must have an extensive knowledge of building codes, city regulations, laws, and other agencies that might be involved in the process. This requires not only time, but a good amount of research. Once you have compiled all the research necessary, figured out what form you need to fill out and paid the fees, you still have to show up to submit the information to the city and be present again during plan check. It is like going to the DMV more than twice just to renew your license. Why go through all that trouble when Dream Design Construct can do it for you. Dream Design Construct streamlines and expedites the process of getting your building permits through its extensive knowledge of building codes and personal relationships with the permit processors. All you will have to do is tell Dream Design Construct what plans you want permits for, pay a fee and let them take care of all the work for you.


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