Josue Chavez
Josue ChavezCo-Founder & Project Manager


Josue Chavez oversees all aspects of the business, including business administration and design production activities as he is president of the firm. Josue brings to the firm over 15 years of experience in the various aspects of a construction project, having worked on an array of highly profiled projects including Downtown Los Angeles infill high rises and mix-use developments. His previous employments ranged from small three person firms such as JOL Enterprises, Inc. to large national corporations such as PSOMAS working in a range of positions allowing him to earn the skills necessary to run DDC.


In 1999, while earning his associates degree in construction, Josue volunteered his time at a three man electrical engineering firm where he was quickly hired due to his quick understanding and ability to produce engineering and architectural plans. After the firm was sold Josue moved to a larger multidisciplinary engineering and architectural firm when he gained experience in the different phases and parts of a project. Josue spent time assisting the Architectural, Civil, Geotechnical, Survey,  and Environmental departments where he gained experience in residential, commercial, and industrial projects.


In 2009 Josue obtained his Bachelor’s degree in finance and prominent position with a large multi-discipline engineering firm where he specialized in the data management of drawings. He coordinated with consultants of large hospitals, residential, infrastructure and utility projects. Employment at this firm helped Josue complete his Bachelor’s Degree and also cultivate skills in the fields of land development.


After many years and working at various firms, Josue returned to school to pursue a Masters in Public Administration with an emphasis in Urban Planning during the first year of founding Dream Design Construct, LLC. and since then has continuously invested in his education.